Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My New Craft Room

Welcome to my first official blog post! I think the best way to start my blog would be to start at the beginning, of my craft room, and post the first pictures taken of my room as it all came together.

So here is my first official picture of my Craft Room:

I really wish I'd taken a better 'before' picture that would accurately portray the dramatic difference that was made to this room with the only change being the floors. However, I'm
glad I thought to take this one, at least!

While anxiously awaiting the completion of my craft room, I'd spent an obsessive amount of time online getting ideas for how I would organize my space. One of the first things I'd decided that I just absolutely had to have was a pegboard. I was on a limited budget, but the bigger obstacle was that I now live in the country where my shopping options are extremely limited. Those obstacles on top of my excitement and impatience led me to purchase the first pegboard I saw, which was at Walmart. In hindsight I wish I would've just waited a couple days and picked up a 'traditional' pegboard at Lowe's, but alas here it is:

My Pegboard:

I will most likely pretty it up a little when an idea comes to me. Please feel free to let me know if you have any ideas...I'm always up for suggestions!

And this is a picture looking into my room from the door:

The desk was hand made my husbands grandfather, and used to be used by his grandmother for crafting. I love this desk for this reason. I'd like to paint or refinish it in the future. This picture was taken a few months ago, so what is missing off my desk is my newer addition, as of mid-November, my newest obsession, my beloved Cricut!!!

My next picture is of another family heirloom. This one belonged to my mother. It belonged to a whole bedroom set that she had since before I was born, I keep meaning to ask her exactly how long she'd had it. Anyway, a few years ago she lost her house, and this is the only piece of her furniture that remains. I am so glad that I have this piece of furniture and that it was incorporated into my favorite place!

My Craft Armoire:

Like I said earlier, these pictures are a few months old, and I'm always changing and adding things, so I'll post up-to-date pictures soon, as well as share more about some of the organization details that are working well for me. I just wanted to finally get a post up and get the ball rolling! I think getting up my first post was the hard part, and from here on out my posts will be a lot more frequent!

Thanks for taking a look at my craft room and being a port of my new endeavour of blogging! Please feel free to leave me any comments or suggestions, as this really is new to me, and I could use all the help I get! Lol.