Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I hope you're having a good week, so far! I am getting ready for a much needed 4 day weekend! WooHoo! It'll kick off on Thursday, which is my birthday! So, that works out really nice! For my birthday, I bought a gypsy! I bought it off ebay on Friday, and I'm just hoping that it makes it in time for my birthday! I will have a nice long weekend to play with, and get acquainted with my new best friend! ;)
I don't think I've mentioned, but my husband is a Jeweler. He has just gotten into designing and making some custom pieces. So, he has made me something for my birthday, and he's really bad about waiting to give gifts, so this one is really killing him! lol. I can totally relate though, cause he is the first person I show all my cards to, and over the weekend I made a Father's Day card for him, which I am still shocked I got it done a whole week early! lol. I can be so bad about waiting to the last minute! But, I've been dying to show it to him! Maybe that is why it's better if I wait until the last minute??
So, enough about me and my birthday, I am old enough that I should really care less, and even dread it by now. But, comon' who doesn't LOVE getting presents!?!? Even the ones we get ourselves!
I do have a fun and easy little card to share today. It's another one that I got the idea while reading a card magazine. I actually made it last weekend, but it sat on my desk for a week needing *something* in the top corner where I'd left room for a sentiment or *something*. I finally decided I needed to just do something to finish it, so I cut "Fly"...

The background is the technique I saw in the magazine. It is achieved by taking those adhesive tabs, and placing them in that checker board  pattern on a piece of cardstock. Then all you do is sprinkle your embossing powder on, and heat until melted with your heat tool! The dragonflies I cut on the Pagoda cartridge with my Cricut, and Viola! I hope you like it, and I'll be back soon to post a couple more cards I just haven't taken pictures of yet, including my husband's Father's Day card that I am really happy about, and at least I can show YOU now! lol. Have a great rest of the day, and thanks so much for stopping by and all the sweet and supportive comments that mean the world to me!


flowerdisco said...

I do I do like it and the new technique is awesome. Love the checker background and the word fly was the right one for that something you were missing.
hope you get your G before Friday...I really really love mine and when they first came out I was saying,,,nah! i do not needed it....for portability i have my laptop...boy oh boy...I was so wrong. It is the best companion for my cricut. lol

Marlene said...

Oooh...way cool technique!! Thanks for sharing with us!

Happy early Birthday!!!

Hope you show us the jewelry hubby got you! ;)