Thursday, May 5, 2011

a card and a CASE

Look at me two days in a row! hee hee! I wanted to share a couple cards today. This first one I made a couple weeks ago for my co-worker and friend after she made some delicious cuppy cakes for me and my husband. If I still had it, I would totally retake the picture in the sunlight, but I don't and this is the best I can get the picture after playing around in some editing program. I will definitely be taking all my photos outside from now on...a world of difference! Anyway, my friend's favorite color is purple, so I knew I wanted to use some lovely Royal Velvet. At the time I had just picked up the new Turning A New Leaf die that was released, and since I didn't have the stamp set I picked that up as well. And I think it has been my favorite stamp set so far! I don't know what took me so long to get it! It is so versatile! So, you will be seeing a lot of this stamp set and die for a while, just warning you now! lol. The leaves were die cut from the Royal Velvet cardstock, then I heat embossed them with clear embossing powder, I think you can see a little shine on the leaves.

The next card I wanted to share today is a complete and total CASE! It is so completely copied right from the magazine, that I didn't think it deserved it's own post. But, I love this card and wanted to share. I have had the magazine for a while, and I've always absolutely loved this particular card that was made by the lovely and talented Jessica Witty. Love. That. Jess. So, I was flipping through that old magazine a couple weeks ago, and it jumped out at me again! This time even more so, because now I had the Turning A New Leaf stamp set, and I could actually make this card now!
I wish I could show you the original. It was in A Card A Day, I believe. It's more like a book than a magazine, I guess. Anyway, the only think that I changed was the 3 little dots of circles, she had used more of a splatter looking stamp from Green Thumb, and I don't have that set, so I chose something I thought was similar, which was the little dotty circles from Dot Spot. I don't usually like to completely copy someone else's card like this, but sometimes my mojo runs a little dry, and I need to make something, and I see a card that I like so much, and I just happen to have everything needed to made said card, and you have a replica such as this! I actually like the card so much I gave it to my sister-in-law for her birthday!

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my rambles! :)


Diane Jaquay said...

I can see the shine on the leaves and it looks wonderful! Both of these cards are fabulous examples of CAS!

Marlene said...

Both cards are very clean, classy and elegant. I can't decide which one I like best...but I'm leaning towards the one on the bottom. Gorgeous!

Belinda said...

The leaves in clear EP is just lovely! They totally shine! Just fab!

Monica K. said...

So pretty! I love them both!